User group Open access section Reserve section Number of items
Faculty 1 month 2 days 4 items
Students 2 weeks 1 day 2 items
Staff 3 weeks 1 day 2 items


Books and other materials will only be taken out on loan after they have been issued properly by the library staff.

All serials which include periodicals, magazines, journals, newspapers are for reference purposes only. Their use is restricted to designated sections in the library.

Library patrons are allowed to borrow books for a period of one week as long as there are enough copies of the same. Books on high demand will be issued on short loan. This will either be overnight or two hours per day.


Books on long loan are borrowed for several day as it is in our borrowing schedule, while books on shortloan are borrowed for an overnight only. Periodicals, reference, short loan material, American, Africana and UN collections are for use in the library only.


If any material is not available in the library can be obtained through an inter-library loan service from other local libraries. Requests should be handed to the Librarian. A letter is provided to Users who wish to use another library by the Librarian.


It is a collection of books on high demand like core text books, periodical articles, high demand magazines, journals and newspapers. The section also has graduate students’ projects and staff papers. These are loaned for a limited period that is for books it is an overnight and others range between 1hour minutes and 2 hours.


Items placed on reserve/hold will be held for 3 days, after which they may be returned to the shelves or given to the next person on the waiting list. Items required by another reader may be recalled and must be returned within 5 days.