How to use OPAC Library Catalogue

OPAC system is used to locate library information resources including books and journal titles. OPAC searches provide information on what is in stock in the PIU library. It provides the call number and the location of the material. OPAC also informs the user whether the book is borrowed or is in the library. The OPACs accept, author names, titles and subject headings.

  • Enter the keyword on the FIND TEXT and type the title, author name or subject you are searching on.

A list of items is displayed

  • Select the item you want by clicking on it

Bibliographic details of selected item will be displayed indicating the location and availability of the item

  • From the option Location, take note of the item location and number on a piece of paper

e.g LB 1731.B729 2010

Proceed to the appropriate library to retrieve the item from the shelves.

  • In case of any problems, consult the library staff