Rules & Regulations


Silence must be observed in the library, No discussions, mobile phone must be put on silent mode.

No re-shelving of materials used. They should be left on the reading tables.

No drinking, eating or smoking in the library

No sleeping in the library. The library is a place where users come to seek information and also a reading place for students. In this case for those who feel asleep while in the library, please give room for those who want to do their studies.

Bags, briefcases, coats, hats not allowed in the library. They should be left in the luggage area always. Personal items for example books and bags should not be stored in the library over the weekend.

Cleanliness and good order should be observed in the library always. Patrons are encouraged to use the library dust bin and in their own way leave it clean.

All lost books must be replaced within a month. The user will be billed for the current edition of the lost book.

Using obscene or abusive language or gestures are not allowed in the library

Loitering is not allowed in the library

Soliciting, petitioning, or canvassing are not allowed in the library

Large groups that want to visit/tour the Library are required to obtain permission in advance.

Photography and recording are not allowed on Library premises without prior permission.

Sexual harassment is against the law and any patron who is harassing other patrons or library staff will be reported to top management.

Posting notices, distributing circulars or petitions, soliciting or engaging in any commercial activity on library property without prior approval of the Library.

Harassment or assault of library staff or users will lead to legal implications.

The library may withdraw library privileges from users who disregard library regulations.

Personal items should not be left under the care of library staff, one should take care of his/her properties.

The library has very limited computers. For this reason, they should be used in consideration of other people who may need to use them. Computer use is restricted for research only, no facebook please.

The library staff reserves the right to inspect all the books and materials carried by the user in and out of the library. Any user caught sneaking out materials from the library shall be severely dealt with.